Bold elegant dutch perfume

We combine classic ingredients
with the most fascinating essences
of our time, to create unique perfumes.

Perfumes for bold and elegant men
who are still going places.


Deep in our guts, we feel the stir

Ready to unleash the man you really are?
Forget about the naysayers and prepare yourself to push further.
Imagine the boundless possibilities available to you.

Can you feel your heart beating faster?
Spray once. Twice. Inhale. Exhale.
You are ready.


Grab a perfume that grabs you back

Invigorate, embolden and provoke

Centuries ago, adventurers and merchants would come back from years-long travels to tell tales of places beyond imagination. But before they could say a word, as they crossed the threshold of their homes, the way they smelled lifted the veil on their accomplishments.

The salts of countless stormy seas and oceans. The dried sweat of hellish desert crossings. The whiffs of foreign cuisine cooked by newfound friends… And among the unfamiliar, the truly unknown. The tickling spices they brought back from the ends of the Earth, still floating in the fabric of their garments.

Scents that only the most resolute men could carry back.
Scents that became symbols of willpower and elegance.