Defining a gentleman

Meeting a true gentleman is a rare occurrence. It oftentimes feels like real gentlemen hardly exist anymore. But at Eauk we believe that to embody the true characteristics of a gentleman, one needs only to follow these handy steps.

Never judge

Having an opinion is important. Judging another without a thought is unflattering. As the old saying goes; Never judge a book by its cover. Instead, hold your opinion until you have given it thought. Only when you understand a situation and have taken time to think about your opinion can you share it confidently and without judgement.

Be true to your word

A true gentleman gets to the point without speaking around it. Honesty is always the best policy and there is no room for jargon, doublespeak or reading between the lines. Once he has said something, he makes sure he is true to his word. Honesty and transparency are key.

Be chivalrous

For real gentlemen, chivalry is far from being dead. Although it may look slightly different than it did 80 or so years ago. Good manners, room for forgiveness, understanding and empathy help the gentleman go far.

Have an open mind

Take time to listen. Not only to views like your own but especially to views that differ from yours. A gentleman is never stubborn but takes time to learn from others and to broaden his own view of the world.

Be confident

But never arrogant. There is a huge difference between confidence and arrogance. Making a fool of yourself by being arrogant in the face of the truth is not the way to go for a true gentleman. Being confident in your own skin and within your own capabilities is a proven way to make it far in the world.

Work hard

A gentleman knows when to work hard and when to play hard. By making sure that the luxuries in life are earned through hard work, they can be enjoyed even more. A gentleman knows that you only get what you give: and rightly so.

Be sincere

Being honest and sincere is always the way to go for the gentleman of the 21st century. Do not gossip or speak ill of others in any other way. By being sincere and protecting the integrity of both himself and those around him, a gentleman can hold himself high and deal with everything that life throws at him.

Smell divine

Confidence, sincerity and hard work all pay off but the devil is in the details. A sharp suit, a fresh cut and a divine smell to boot are the finishing touches that make a modern gentleman. So, are you ready define yourself as a gentleman?

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