Whether you are heading off to sail a rough sea, to your next career-defining meeting or to a casual date, Eauk perfumes are always the perfect finishing touch. Applying one of our fragrances will give you that little edge you need in all situations. We know the crowd is critical, so there you are, some reviews on what, non paid, experts think of our fragrances…

Martin Green

Perfume Reviewer

Last summer brought me to one of my favorite cities in the world: Paris. It was in this city that I tried out Barreur. The longevity is impressive. It is one of those fragrances that becomes a comfortable companion. Its potent base releases an array of lighter tones in a sparkle that feels balanced to the nose. If it had existed back then, it could have easily been used by Ernest Hemmingway as he went for a drink (or two) in the Ritz’s famous bar.


Perfume expert & Blogger

Impressive fragrances I recently discovered. Powerful notes…very sexy and masculine, sophisticated natural signature fragrances. I’m very happy to have this in my collection and already looking forward to their new release (coming soon)..get your nose on this amazing brand if you haven’t already

HERBA London

Fellow Perfume Brand

We are all fellow artists expressing our personalities through beautiful creations. I was blessed to have stumbled across Eauk Perfumes – a beautiful brand who shares many things in common. Many would see us as competitors; however I see EAUK as a mirror, reflecting back the inner most thoughts of my love for perfume.


Perfume expert & Blogger

Just look at the craftsmanship of the presentation. If you think it looks good, you should smell it! I have previously reviewed both fragrances from Eauk and they are wonderful! I smell so classy today, I love it!

Gunmetal 24

Perfume Collector

Barreur contains a well-tuned natural balance of saffron, iris and spiced cocoa. This scent combines what I like from other compositions. The perfect ‘versatile’ suede scent for me that presses all my perfume buttons.

A life in Scent

Perfume Expert & Reviewer

Pomander by Eauk is a great niche fragrance that tells the story of the heroes of old and the gentleman adventurers of present times. Pomander is a daring mixture of sexy elements combined with an aura of class and stylishness. It is the fragrance of a confident charismatic man who needs no further introduction!


Dutch lifestyle Blog

“Zo af en toe komen we een Nederlands merk tegen dat indruk op ons maakt. Éen van die merken is Eauk dat nicheparfums maakt die tot de verbeelding spreken. Wat ons betreft een aanrader als je eens iets wilt dragen wat verder gaat dan de meer “geeikte” geuren…Geuren die symbool staan voor wilskracht en elegantie.“

The V Scent

Perfume reviewer and connoisseur

Completely fallen in love. Great opening and super natural smell. It starts smooth and gets bigger as time goes on. Love the dominating heart. The spiced nuances are very well blended, bringing brightness. In the final phase appears a slightly sweetened amber that gives it a spectacular drying. In addition, the presentation is amazing. The price is very competitive for the quality it offers. A hidden gem!


Perfume reviewer

It is much more stylishly vibrant than i had expected. Heading toward the sparse bedroom of wild sex after a few too many at a trendy club. fleeting, intense, the hormonal rush of youthful gods and goddesses from madison avenue paradise. maybe even a latte in the morning. the sun will be shiny new. The Barreur will be casually sprayed, and it will smooth any rough edges. A sweet kiss au revoir ma belle.

Joyce K

Perfume Reviewer

Don Paradisae came my way as a gift for my partner. Curiosity led me to try it myself first and it absolutely amazed me, combination, and longevity. The next morning the frangrance was actually still there. The scent is deep and rich, but also fresh and summery. Thankfully, it stays away from the cliché type of notes masculine perfumes very often have. As it dries, it deepens – setting in a one-of-a-kind lush scent. I still “borrow” it sometimes!

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