Tips & Tricks for Spraying Perfume

Whether you are heading off to sail a rough sea, to your next career-defining meeting or to a casual date, Eauk perfumes are always the perfect finishing touch. Applying one of our fragrances will give you that little edge you need in all situations. That is, if you’re familiar with the right ways to apply it.

Knowing how to put perfume on is a forgotten art. Done wrong, it wears off too soon and leaves you stranded, smelling of nothing. Luckily, there are simple steps you can follow to stay on-scent:

Fresh of the shower

it’s best to apply perfume right after a hot shower or bath. Indeed, the skin absorbs perfume when it’s clean and warm. Though, make sure you are completely dry, otherwise it will not stick.

First coat of armor

always apply perfume before putting your clothes on. Otherwise, it can leave unseemly marks and ruin the effect of even your most dapper outfit.

Hit the secret spots

all over your body are pulse points where blood vessels are closer to the skin. The extra-heat they provide help you better “radiate” your fragrance. The most commonly used are the collarbones, wrists and necklines.

Never ever rub

rubbing breaks down the molecules and dampens the scent. Wrist-rubbing is the most common mistake you’ll see. Swim against the current and always resist the urge to rub.

Store it in the hold

by that, we mean your perfume should be kept out of the sun and in a cool place. Heat and light can change its chemical make-up, altering the careful balance of the fragrance. And smelling like someone else by the third date is never good.

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